Tax Calculator for Proposed Referendum Bonds
We have developed a tax calculator to provide you with a fast and easy tool to determine potential property tax increases associated with the proposed bond referendum.

This tax calculation is for the referendum bond increase only and does not include any other portions of the Hononegah tax levy or other municipal portions of your tax bill. The calculator also includes the portion of property taxes IF the bonds were drawn all in one year. It is more likely that the bonds will be drawn over a period of multiple years.

Here is an example of what a tax bill on a $100,000 house would look like with bonds drawn in multiple years:

# years bond is pulled

Annual Increase

Monthly Increase







If all $17.8 million in bonds were drawn, Year 1 would result in $54.48 being added to your tax bill ($100,000 home) each year for 20 years.

If $8.9 million in bonds were drawn in Year 1 and the remaining $8.9 million were drawn in Year 2, your tax bill ($100,000 home) would go up $27.24 for those years.

*Note: The calculator is intended to estimate the increase in the bond portion of the District 207 tax bill only assuming a successful referendum. Does not include property taxes paid to other governments (e.g. municipal, park district, county, forest preserve, etc.). Actual tax rates and payments may vary based on District 207-wide EAV growth, individual homeowner reassessment, State Law changes, property tax rate initiatives, and other factors.