Substitute Information

Certified Substitute Pay
1 period
$ 20.00 
2 periods $ 40.00 
3 periods $ 60.00 
4 periods $ 80.00 
5 periods $ 100.00 
6 periods $ 120.00 
7 periods
$ 140.00

Long-term Sub, starting the 11th day will receive $226.32.

 Gail SantopoaloMeet Gail Santopoalo, our substitute coordinator!

Hononegah strives to offer a friendly, supportive work experience for our substitute teachers. Substitute teachers are critical for providing continuity of instruction when our teachers are absent. Your assistance helps us to maintain an ongoing program for our students in spite of emergencies and illnesses that occur among our faculty. Reach out to Gail with any questions about substitute teaching at Hononegah Community High School!


Tour and Orientation  

Are you interested in subbing? Schedule a tour of HCHS today! For those subbing for the first time, you can also participate in paid orientation when you join our team.
Email: Gail Santopoalo at [email protected] for more information!

Ready to join our team?  Apply Today!

All available assignments will be posted on our Frontline Absence Management page (formerly AESOP). 

For substitutes already on the HCHS sub list:  Access Frontline, our Absence Management system.
How to Become a Substitute Teacher - ISBE Fact Sheet

Qualifying to Substitute Teach

1.) To qualify to substitute teach in Illinois you must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.  
2.) Substitute licenses are valid for substitute teaching in all grades of the public schools, prekindergarten through grade 12.  
3.) Substitute licenses are valid for 5 years, and may be renewed with the payment of registration fees.
4.) View Substitute and Paraprofessional License Application Checklist
5.) Click for more information on How to Become a Substitute Teacher

 Applying to Become a Hononegah Certified Substitute

Once you have a valid Illinois license, you may apply online to be considered for a substitute teacher position, at any time.  Please use our online application system and select the category titled “Substitute Teacher”.   You will need to bring the substitute packet that you received from the ROE, to our Substitute Coordinator.  If you have any questions, please contact
Gail Santopoalo, Substitute Coordinator,  [email protected], or by phone at 815-624-5091.

We periodically review a candidate’s online credentials/applications to make additions to our substitute list.  We will contact you if we desire to schedule an interview. Candidates who interview for a position and are not selected will be notified.  All applicant credentials will be kept on file for one year.


Hononegah Community High School pays substitute aides on an hourly basis.
Teacher Incentives and Long term pay do not apply to Support Staff Substitutes.

Secretarial $ 14.00  per hour
Paraprofessional  $ 13.00  per hour
Security $ 13.00  per hour
Kitchen $ 13.00  per hour
Custodial $ 14.00  per hour
Nurse Substitute $ 25.00  per hour


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