Frequently Asked Questions

faqQ: When are upcoming shows?
For a more detailed list of all scheduled activities utilizing the facility, click on the "PAC Calendar" link on our main website at for the most current information. The second best way is to call and listen to our Box Office Hotline at 815-624-5006, although this will not be updated as frequently as the website calendar.

Q: How do I buy tickets?

A: Hononegah does NOT directly sell tickets for any shows performed at our facility except for the high school's Fall Play and Spring Musical. Buying or reserving tickets for any other performances which take place at our facility must be conducted directly through the respective organization producing the event.

Usually contact information for buying tickets will be found on our main page at or by pre-recorded message on our Box Office Hotline at 815-624-5006.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE MAIN Hononegah High School line, its operator, or principal's office for PAC event information or ticket inquiries as you will be redirected to this website or the Box Office Hotline.

Q: Lost and Found: Who do I call?
A: To inquire about the possible recovery of a lost, forgotten, or unattended item, please call the Hononegah PAC Director of Operations at 815-624-2070 Extension 5092. This number should only be used for questions regarding facilities management and operations questions regarding the facility itself.

Calls regarding ticket sales, upcoming productions, etc., will be redirected to the Box Office Hotline or this website.

Q: I am thinking about renting the PAC. What do I do?
A: Please click on the "Rent the PAC" link above for more information on this topic.

Q: How many people does the theater sit?
A: 1,100 total: 800 on the main floor and 300 in the balcony. Sometimes seats are removed to accommodate production requirements so if you need a specific, current count please contact Management. A detailed seating chart is also available by clicking on the "Seating Chart" link above.

Q: When and how was the theater built?
A: During the 1994-95 school year local taxpayers voted on a referendum to build a new annex to Hononegah. The proposed wing included state-of-the art biology classrooms, a new library the size of five classrooms, two new department offices, a computer-filled math lab, improved choir and band rooms, and a new theater for the school to gather comfortably in. The referendum passed and in February 1996 students began using the new building, unofficially known as the "95 Addition".

Q: Can you dim the houselights for me from the control booth at the beginning of a show?
A: Every light bulb that can be remotely controlled as allowed by fire code- is! Through a computerized lighting system by Strand & Electronic Theatre Controls, various scenes/cues for a show can be programmed or scenes can be adjusted on the fly through a sophisticated lighting control board. All stage lighting use professional lights with interchangeable gels. We have many specialty lights for doing special effects including gobos. We can even control third-party lights such as on stage prop lighting from the control room.

Q: Can you lower any of the curtains from the control booth?
A: No. All curtains are manually raised or lowered from the ropes that line the stage right wall. It is quite rare to have a remote controlled rigging system. For instance, the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA where the Academy Awards® are held and arguably one of the greatest theaters in the country from a standpoint of technical capacity, is also entirely manually controlled.

Q: I noticed downstage the floor is significantly different than from the rest of the stage, why is that?
A: The edge of the stage closest to the audience is actually a removable orchestra pit cover. Risers fill this area when the pit is not in use to enlarge the stage surface.

Q: I need to talk to the stage manager from the control booth, are there any communications between the stage and booth?
A: The theater has a modular two-channel intercom system by Clear-Com. Headsets can be plugged in at any of the various intercom plug-ins located throughout the facility. These include behind stage, in the orchestra pit, in the balcony, on the catwalk, in the audience, behind stage, in the choir room, and in the dressing rooms.

Q: What type of curtains onstage are available?
A: All the curtains you would expect at a professional theater. These include numerous black leg curtains, a Mid and Rear traveler, a light blue cyclorama, a large movie screen, and arear projection Screen.