Technical Specification


PAC Flys

Proscenium Opening: 21' x 45'
Raw Stage Floor Space (Excluding Wings & Apron):
      65' Wide x 32' Deep 

Plaster Line to Back Wall: 32'
Center Line to Stage Right 38'
Center Line to Stage Left: 39'

Trap Doors: 7 Total, Each 3' x 5' (Modular/Removable) 

       Adobe® PDF Stage Dimensions (use for viewing/printing)
       AutoCAD® Stage Dimensions
 (use for lighting plots)

       PDF Blank Stage (For printing & designing layouts of the stage) 
       GIF Blank Stage (For temporarily viewing on screen )


1,100 Total Seating Capacity 

800 Floor
300 Balcony 

28 Line Sets (2 dedicated to travelers, 5 to electrics)
Line set travel height: 41'
Line set pipe length: 54'

No Grid, I-Beams accessible by baton or lift
Electrics are double purchase and permanently wired 
    1:1 to dimmer rack 

Adobe® PDF Line Set Schedule


Mixing Console (House) 
       Allen & Heath ® QU32 32 Channel Digital Audio Console
       Yamaha ® MG3214FX 32 Channel 
       Inserts for all channels, groups, and mains
       4 Stereo Linked Groups
       4 Dedicated Auxilary Outs (Pre-Fade/Post-Fade User Selectable) 
       2 Built-In Digital Effects Processors (Reverb, Echo, Radio Voice, Pitch Change) 

Playback/Recording/Signal Processing 
       dbx® DriveRack PA
       Lexicon® MX400 Digital Effects/Reverb
       Tascam® CD-301 Compact Disc Player (CD-R Compatible)
       Ashly GQX 3102 Stereo 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer
       dbx® 1046 Quad Compressor/Limiter
       dbx® 266XL Compressor/Limiter 
       tc electronic® Finalizer Express Mastering Multiband Limiter
       APHEX® 204 Aural Exciter

Wireless Mics
       10 Shure® ULX Lapel Mic w/ Beltpack Transmitters 
       7 Shure® ULX Beta 87a Handhelds (Receivers Shared)

Wired Mics - Vocal
       3 Shure® Beta 58
       3 Sennheiser e835
       1 Shure® SM58 

Electric Guitar Mics
       1 Sennheiser MD 421 II
       1 Audix i5

Bass Guitar Mic
       1 Beyerdynamic M88 TG

Drum Kit Mics
       2 Audio Technica® AT3031 (Overheads) 
       1 Shure SM57 (Snare)
       2 Audix D2 (Rack Toms) 
       1 Audix D4 (Floor Tom) 
       1 Audix D6 (Kick) 

Additional Mics
       2 Audio Technica® AT4033
       2 AKG® C214 
       3 CM-31 Crown Hanging Mics 
       5 PCC-160 Crown Floor Mics 
       1 AKG® C1000s

DI Box Inventory 
       2 Radial Pro 48
       1 Radial Pro AV1 
       1 Radial Pro AV2 
       1 Radial JDI 
       1 Radial JPC 
       1 Radial Twin ISO 

Speakers & Amplification
       6 Built-in House Bose® Panaray Model 502A Speakers
       2 Built-in House Bose® Cannon Subwoofers
       2 JBL® SRX728S 6,400W Dual 18" Subwoofer
       1 Crown® XTi2000 Amplifier 800W Per 2 Channels @ 4 Ohm 
       3 QSC® PLX3602 Amplifier 3600W Mono @ 4 Ohm
       4 Bose® 1800 Series V Amps 700W Per 2 Channels @ 4 Ohm 
       2 EAW® VRM12 Coaxial Floor Wedge Monitor NEW 7/2011
       2 Community® MX10-B Coaxial Floor Wedge Monitor
       2 Bose® 402 Tripod-mounted Monitors 

       2-Channel Clearcom CS-222 Located in Control Room
       Hookups Located Throughout 
       Full Inventory of Model 501 Beltpacks, Headsets & Cables


5 Pre-wire electrics
9 Floor pockets with 3 circuits each
Dimmer per circuit 
FOH Catwalk and side slot positions, 36 circuits total
2 Strand® CD80 racks featuring 158 120V 2.4kW Dimmers
400 Amp, 208 Volt, 3 phase, 4 wire company switch (USR*)
200 Amp, 208 Volt. 3 phase, 4 wire company switch (DSR*)
DMX inputs located DSR*, Row G center section, and control room
In House Control: ETC 48/96 Express 
In House Backup/Alternative Control: Strand Mantrix MX
In House RFU: Wireless Handheld Direct (1:1) Dimmer Control
Extensive Fixture and Cable Inventory Including:

     Qty 15 ETC Source 4 19 Degree Ellipsoidal (In Catwalk FOH Positions) 
     Qty 2   ETC Source 4 36 Degree Ellipsoidal     
     Qty 2   ETC Source 4 50 Degree Ellipsoidal

     Qty 26 750W ETC Source 4 PAR

     Qty 15 1000W PAR64
     Qty 14 500W PAR56
     Qty 4 200W PAR46
     Qty 8 1500W Altman Sky Cyc 
     Qty 6 500W Altman 14" Scoop

     Qty 9 1000W Altman 360Q 6x9
     Qty 2 1000W Altman 360Q 6x12

     Qty 6 750W Fresnel
     Qty 2 Altman Comet 360 Watt Follow Spots (In Balcony Spot Positions) 

      1 CITC (Reel EFX) Diffusion DF-50 Hazer

      Qty 2 Martin Magnum 2000 Fog Machine
      5', 10', 25', 50', 75' Stage Pin Extension Cables

Dressing Room One (Red Room)
       20' x 13'
       7' 5" Ceiling
       8 lighted mirror stations
       One sink

Dressing Room Two (Green Room)
       22' x 13'
       7' 5" Ceiling
       7 lighted mirror stations
       One sink

HHS Student Technicians (principle staff) 
Local College Students with PAC Experience (availability subject to change) 
Rockton Police Officers (special request & additional cost)

**Note: USR and DSR = Up Stage Right and Down Stage Right Respectively