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Physical Education Program Grant Continues
Posted on 02/23/2015
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Hononegah Community High School District #207

Physical Education Program Grant Continues

The Hononegah Physical Education Department is moving forward with the assistance of the Carol M. White Physical Education Program Grant. The vision of the Hononegah PEP Grant, Comprehensive Physical Education for Today’s Students, utilizes the components of data & research, professional development, family inclusion, and community relations to enhance the central focus of curriculum & instruction within the Physical Education program. The end goal is an improved culture surrounding health, fitness, and overall wellness for our students, faculty, staff, families, and community.

Recently the Physical Education Department has taken the first steps to begin a large-scale study to exam relationships between student fitness and academic performance. Categories and variables include:

General Data

Fitness Data

Academic Data

Behavioral Data

Student ID





PE Course (hour taken)

Aerobic Capacity

Body Composition

Muscular Strength

Muscular Endurance




Retired ACT



Demerit Total

Optimism Score

Grit Score

Optimism v. Pessimism

Grit v. Luck

Conclusions for the study should be available in late fall of 2015.

The Physical Education Department has also taken its initial steps to evaluate and strengthen the philosophy, scope, and sequence of the department as a whole. The mission statement has been improved, allowing for alignment with the PEP grant vision, and new departmental student learning objectives have been created. The mission statement now encompasses the entire Physical Education process with a focus on the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains. The enhanced departmental objectives are broad enough to be adapted to various course options (both old and new), yet focused enough to address student needs pertaining to personal fitness planning, nutrition, exercise programming, physical activity, and health/fitness technology.