SENIOR PRESENTATIONS (Click (here) to review the Google Slides shown in class)

School Counselors provide academic and career planning presentations for seniors in their English classes in August. The presentation covers information on financial aid, scholarships, important dates and exposes students to a wide variety of college and career resources and handouts. Seniors are scheduled for an individual conference with their school counselor following the presentation.  Verification of graduation requirements, along with college and career questions and planning, are discussed.  Click (here) to view the Senior Class Google Site.

JUNIOR PRESENTATIONS (click for presentation)
The junior students are given an academic and career planning presentation by school counselors during their U.S. History class in the Spring.  School counselors will provide students with college and career planning materials and share information on college admissions, career planning, and employmentFollowing this presentation a 30-minute individual appointment with each student’s counselor will be scheduled. The individual appointment will consist of a review their credit status, a review of their transcript, and respond to student questions generated from the class presentation. Click (here) to view the Junior Class Google Site.  

SOPHOMORE PRESENTATIONS (click for presentation) to review the Google Slides shown in class) The sophomore students are given academic and career planning presentations by school counselors in mid-October in their English classes. The students are introduced to a Sophomore Class Google Site that includes:  College Path Checklist for Junior and Senior years of high school, Parent Path College Checklist, and the Federal Student Aid College Preparation Checklist. Information about graduation, college admission requirements, a list of helpful websites and community service opportunities, and SAT preparation tips are available for viewing on the Sophomore Class Google Site and our website. Following the classroom presentation, sophomore students are scheduled for a 30 minute individual appointment with their counselor to review the four-year plan created as freshmen.  The conference provides sophomores with an opportunity to ask questions about high school graduation requirements and preparing for college or employment after graduation.  Click (here) to view the Sophomore Class Google Site.

FRESHMAN PRESENTATIONS (click for presentation)
The freshmen students are given an academic and career planning presentation by their school counselors in their science classes in mid-November. The session will cover information on graduation requirements, college planning, college admissions requirements, and four-year planning. Following this presentation, all freshmen will meet individually with their assigned counselor to complete their four-year plan. Four-year planning meetings take place in the library the last week of November and the first week of December. We encourage all families to map out their four-year plans after the classroom presentations ahead of their individual conferences to ensure that all questions are answered during this time. Click here to view the Freshman Class Google Site.