Press Release - Athletic Dome Update May 27, 2016
Press Release - Athletic Dome Update May 27, 2016
Posted on 05/27/2016
Press Release - Athletic Dome Update May 27, 2016ServPro will begin the work of the Dome clean-up on May 31, 2016.  Contractors will be on site to begin the process which will entail removing water/debris, cutting apart the cable, removing the contents, and then assessing the flooring housed under the Dome fabric.  It is anticipated that the project will take two to four weeks, pending weather.
Summary of Relevant Facts to Date:  

The cause of the Dome collapse has been determined to be weather-related due to the ice storm on December 28, 2015.  

At first evaluation after the date of the Dome collapse, the condition of the fabric appeared as though it would support a patching and re-inflation.

The re-inflation bid process resulted in only one bid.  During the bidding and request for proposal process, adverse weather conditions in the form of snow, ice, and high winds made temporary inflation improbable, according to the contractors.

With the change in the condition of the dome fabric and cable structure, the adjustment team scheduled a joint inspection.  A forensic architect was immediately assigned to inspect the Dome and conveyed that the fabric could no longer be re-inflated.

Next Steps:

Dome clean-up will begin on May 31, 2016 and will include structural and mechanical evaluations.  Contents in the Dome will be recovered throughout this process.

The contractor will work with construction consultants to determine the methods for protecting the flooring, pending the outcome of the inspection.   

Hononegah is working through the next phase of this process, which involves determining future structural decisions for replacement of the Dome.

Additional Information:

District administration continues to work with various community organizations who utilized the Dome in order to locate alternative spaces for their scheduled events.  Local school districts and municipalities have graciously volunteered their facilities for our use.  Changes to the events will be communicated as the modifications are scheduled.

“Our students and staff have been flexible with space and scheduling second semester as we continued the educational and athletic programs at Hononegah.  We look forward to this next phase of the process, the Dome clean-up and replacement, so that we can continue to move forward as a district and as a community,” says Superintendent Lynn Gibson.

Hononegah will remain in contact with our families and the community with updates on the Dome.  The outpouring of concern and care from our community and neighboring districts has been greatly appreciated.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Lynn Gibson, Superintendent, at 815-624-5062 or e-mail at [email protected].